(E)at, (S)leep, (C)reate (A)nd (P)rosper (E)ntirely. More than just the simple words we live by, but the methods we use to ESCAPE from the tired old routines which confine us all in this life and into a world of true creative freedom. Won't you ESCAPE with us too?


The Collective that is ESCAPE has a long history, which began in the metaphysical space and officially came to fruition in September of 2015.  Our passion is driven by giving artist of all mediums a platform to showcase and thrive on.  Whether you're a well known artist or someone who's just beginning to practice their craft, you'll be able to find real opportunities through our platform and network.  Our dominant showcasing event #ESCAPE2NY has grown exponentially and has featured artist from all around the world.  Wherever you are on Earth always remember to stay true to your creative freedoms and never stop expressing yourself.  We hope to see you in our audience, showcasing live at one of our events, featured on our site, or even creating content together in the future.  Love.


Eat Sleep Create And Prosper Entirely